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Stephanie Canavesio

Stephanie is a psychotherapist who has developed Presence Embodied, an approach which integrates Breathwork, Compassionate Inquiry of Dr. Gabor Maté, the Contemplative Psychotherapy of Joe Loizzo and Dr. Robert Thurman, and the Micro-dosing protocol of James Fadiman.

A former model and yoga teacher, Stephanie decided to devote her life in helping people heal their trauma after she experienced healing symptoms of trauma herself. She uses her protocol in 1-1 sessions, group settings, workshops, and retreats.

Stephanie also shares with her husband Giancarlo a passion for regenerative farming. They resource themselves in the nature and silence of Ibiza with their family.

Jorge N. Ferrer, PhD.

Clinical psychologist, TEDx speaker, and educator.

A professor of psychology for more than 20 years at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, where Ferrer also served as chair of the Department of East-West Psychology and launched a concentration on Shamanic Studies. He currently teaches in several psychotherapy training programs and coaches top-rank world executives through Mobius Executive Leadership.

Considered one of the principal architects of contemporary transpersonal psychology, Ferrer is the author of dozens of articles and several books on psychology, education, and religious studies.

He is the creator of Embodied Spiritual Inquiry and Transpersonal Somatics, and offers spiritually grounded, holistic counselling to individuals and couples in both English and Spanish. In addition to psychospiritual guidance, he specializes in intimacy and couples counselling: infidelities or broken agreements; jealousy; sexual challenges or incompatibilities; struggles with monogamy, polyamory, or open relationships; and the design of more satisfying intimate relationships.

Ferrer received the Fetzer Institute Presidential Award for his seminal work on consciousness studies, was a member of the Esalen Institute’s Center for Theory and Research, and an advisor to the Religions for Peace organization at the United Nations. Ferrer is a wachumero (San Pedrista) in the Peruvian lineage of Rubén Orellana and Victoria Hughes and has studied entheogenic shamanism for more than two decades. He was born in Barcelona, Spain.

Louie Valotti

Psychotherapist and certified shamanic energy medicine practitioner.

He is trained by Dr. Gabor Maté, in Compassionate Inquiry; a trauma-informed somatic approach to inner work and self-awareness. As a devoted student of Dr. Alberto Villoldo for over 10 years, Louie has been initiated into the esteemed Peruvian Q'ero lineage of shamanism; allowing him to draw upon ancient wisdom and spiritual practices to bring about profound healing and transformation.

In 2018, he co-founded Genesis Holistic Medicine, a proactive healthcare system and global-scale healing initiative. Louie's vast experience, expertise, and dedication to the healing journey make him a trusted guide for those seeking true transformation and well-being. He works with individuals and groups, both in-person and online. These include 1:1 sessions, programs, workshops, retreats, and seminars.

Louie offers two types of signature sessions:

60 minute - 1:1 Self-Enquiry: A somatic approach to uncover the authentic self and address underlying causes of symptoms such as depression, anxiety, low self-worth, grief, relational problems, co-dependency, childhood trauma, and post-traumatic stress.

90 minute - Shamanic Energy Medicine: Healing and harmonising the subtle biomagnetic energy fields of the human body. This includes illuminations, clearing karmic imprints, and intrusive energies and energetic cords, soul and destiny retrieval, facilitating the transition of loved ones, divination and sacred alchemy.

Eliane Gerzelj

Italian by birth and a former civil engineer, after exploring the globe travelling, a burnout, and a long history of short intense dragging relationships, she experienced a spiritual awakening while living in Brazil at 26. A few years later, in 2018, she moved to Barcelona, becoming an Expert in NLP Coaching, completing the level 2 of the SAT program on the Enneagram of Personality by Claudio Naranjo, and finally pursuing a 3-year master’s in Integral Transpersonal Psychology

Meanwhile, after the last painful break-up, she embarked on a year-long celibate journey, that led her to explore sexuality from the perspectives of Neo-Tantra, Somatic Sexuality, The Art of Temple (ISTA), and Embodied Spirituality, developing her own sexual practice and approach to intimacy. 

Eliane is the founder of Spicy Spirit, a project to guide curious humans in the process of (re)learning how to create “intimacy” with themselves and others. Combining the wisdom of transpersonal psychology and sexuality, she offers private sessions to support people to thrive, through challenges in life and sexuality. Additionally, she facilitates workshops and retreats in Spain and Italy. She truly believes that “Consciousness is Sexy”.

Dr Swan Alyon

Swan Alyon, PhD, is a psychotherapist specializing in post-Jungian and somatic approaches to self-awareness and holistic growth.

After studying philosophy and divinity at the universities of Melbourne, Oxford, and Chicago, Swan worked as a researcher and supervisor at the University of Cambridge, where he wrote his doctoral thesis on processes of self-transformation. Seeking more embodied forms of knowledge, he also trained at the Jacques Lecoq school of physical theatre and earned certifications in tantra yoga, breathwork, and hypnotherapy. 

Swan has been guiding individuals and groups for over a decade and has led seminars, workshops, and retreats in 13 countries on three continents. He is the founder of the Institute of Devotional Arts, which brings together artists, therapists, and researchers working on the relationship between creative and contemplative arts.

Swan works with the following methods:

  • Analytic Psychology (C. J. Jung)
  • Waking dream therapy (R. Desoille, G. Romey, J. Epstein)
  • Archetypal Psychology (J. Hillman) 
  • Focusing (E. Gendlin) 
  • Process Work (A. Mindell)
  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Dramatherapy & Psychodrama (J. L & Z. T Moreno)
  • Breathwork (S. Grov, W. Hof, K. Buteyko)