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Difuso Ibiza

Difuso is a regenerative medium and long term rental project, hosting a community seeking and facilitating personal transformation, whilst enjoying a new and stimulating environment in Ibiza.

If change is calling or you are feeling disconnected, a new generation of holistic therapists and somatic and transpersonal facilitators are available to support you. Our intention is for you to feel whole, centred and happy, and ultimately an active part of a collective awakening.

You are invited to immerse yourself in our inspiring ecosystem and find accommodation in our comfortable lodgings within the historic and evolving gypsy quarter of Sa Penya, in the old town of Ibiza.

We will support you in undertaking a process of holistic regeneration with local and organic nutrition, connection with the sea and tailored therapies. International facilitators in residence and visiting facilitators will offer you pioneering somatic and transpersonal programs and training.

Difuso is your playground for inner and outer explorations, growth and fun.
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Las Casitas

Nestled amongst the cobbled streets of Sa Penya above the Port d'Eivissa, our historic homes are each unique in design, size and location.
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Daily excursions for exploration and regenerative floating.
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Our Philosophy

At Difuso we believe in a holistic approach that acknowledges the interconnected nature of the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Heart, fostering personal transformation and the nurturing of one's authentic self.
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Facilitators in residence

Explore our thoughtfully curated community of facilitators and therapists available to collaborate with you both in person and online.

Sa Penya

Situated at the far east of the original city. Sa Penya extends between the bastion of Santa Lucia and the old harbour.
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