“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.”
- Carl Jung

At Difuso, the journey of regeneration begins with oneself; it's a shift from Doing to Being.

We deeply believe in the transformative potential of a transpersonal and somatic approach.
We recognize the intricate interplay of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Heart as integral components of your being, forming a holistic tapestry that must be delicately woven together to awaken and nurture your true essence.


To access the wisdom that lies dormant within the unconscious realm of your mind and to compassionately witness and release the stored emotions and beliefs that have kept you locked in patterns of limitation and suffering.
Breathwork, Psychotherapy, Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Affirmations, Non-ordinary states of consciousness, Lucid dreaming, and Art therapy.


Your physical vessel never lies; it holds wisdom and memories that can enlighten your healing path if you listen to its whispers and needs.
Yoga, Meditation, Biohacking, Reconnecting with nature, Sound Healing, Movement, Somatic Experience, and Conscious Intimacy. These are only some of the practices that we offer to reconnect with your physical body.


You are more than a piece of matter. By exploring and nurturing your passions, you align your actions with your purpose, igniting a sense of fulfilment and personal growth in your life. Your soul has a higher mission for your passage on earth, we will help you find it!


You need to venture into the terrain of your emotions to release what is blocked, give voice to those feelings and live them fully. It’s with an open heart that you can develop meaningful connections and experience a sense of loving and being loved within a community.
Compassion Inquiry and the Gabor Maté Protocol, Emotional release, Counseling, and Cathartic meditation are some of the approaches you can explore to unfold the truth from your heart.

Difuso is your transpersonal somatic healing journey in residence if:

  • You are experiencing a midlife crisis
  • You are struggling to find your purpose
  • You are encountering a heartbreak
  • You are recognising burnout
  • You are in the midst of a major career transition
  • You recently became an empty nester
  • You are having low libido and a lack of vitality
  • You are sensing that there is something bigger than you
  • You need a break from your life
  • You are feeling disconnected from your body
  • You are longing for a deeper spiritual connection
  • You are yearning to reconnect with your creativity and passion
  • You are looking to cultivate self-love and acceptance
  • You are seeking to enhance your relationships and improve your communication skills
  • You are searching for a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle
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